Hello! And welcome to my Final Project Page. My name is Kendall Smallwood and as I stated in LEO, these webpages will be about Video Games and how I feel they are not negatively impacting our society as much as some people seem to think they are.

So to start I would like to make this page a little personal and tell how video games have positively impacted my own life. When I was young probably around 5 years of age I was seperated from my biological parents and sent to live with my Aunt and Uncle who I had spent most of childhood life with. Due to this and other problems that brought themselves to the surface throughout my childhood life, I was battling depression from a very young age and wasn't even really aware of it until I had hit my teen years. Video games and probably nothing else is what saw me through those years.

Whenever I turn on a gaming system, or computer these days, I immediately get sent to another world where for that amount of time at least I dont have to worry about the stresses of the real world where I live. That is not to say that my life is all bad but rather that there is more bad than good.